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Fashion Feel-Goods & Tips for Winter 2012

My Best Buys this Winter! Feel Good in Affordable & Fashionable Outfits...   

If I don't feel fashionable, I feel frumpy. If I don't feel good about how I look it doesn't matter even if I look like a supermodel to other people - I just don't feel good about myself, and that is a recipe for a bad day... If I feel like a frump, I act like a frump and I can't bear it!

Stay Warm and Fashionable: The Importance of the Sequin Knitted Jumper!

fashion winter 2012 sequin knitted jumper


The knitted sequin jumper seems to be an important item in the winter 2012 wardrobe! They can be found in pretty much any high street store as well as designer. This grey, silver and black one from Bank (£35) is a wam and loose-fitting jumper with chunky cuffs.

The knitted sequin jumper is a good wear - day or night, and can be dressed up or down. It seems to be quite a fundamental piece of clothing for this winter season.

Animal Print Matching Advice: What to Wear with Lepoard Print Boots



Lepoard print is one of the hardest patterns to match well without constantly wearing black with it!
This puffball high-waisted skirt from River Island is black with a fantastic subtly shiny mottled effect in teal blue (£30). It goes really well with high shoes and black tights. The teal colour compliments the colours in the lepoard print shoes (Dorothy Perkins - last year but you can get some excellent lepoard print wedges for £35 from River Island).
The necklace is black rope with metal beads in the colours of the lepoard print, but without actually having to match another actual lepoard print pattern - which we all know is impossible! The necklace is from Fat Face (from last year, but they have similar things this year - £15).  

Keep Your Feet Warm and Dry: Best Feminine Boots for Rainy Days!

fashion winter 2012 boots

Trousers dragging in the puddles, damp soaking through to my socks... I've just had enough of it! Boots and skinny jeans are the way forward.
These leather boots from Office have a good solid small heel, cute buckle and zip detail, and they zip up on the inside leg all the way to the base. (£100 - Office).
These superskinny jeans are from River Island (£30). They are really tight-fitting so if you're like me and have no fat on you, you'll be at home in these... (No eye-rolling, I'm actually really self-conscious about it)!
Jeggings are a good, cheap alternative to skinny jeans and can of course be made warmer with tights underneath. There are some great choices in River Island for £20 and under.

Glam-Up for Cheap: Dress Up a Cheap and Colourful Plain Top! 

fashion winter 2012 colours
Got a Christmas doo coming up and can't afford a new outfit? It doesn't matter - dress up a plain top with some matching jewellery and add a splash of colour to make it dazzle!
I had this plain green H&M baggy T-shirt and quickly needed an outfit for an evening meal so I just bought some gold accessories and a bracelet with a splash of pink, and the same green as the top (accessories totalling £8.00 from H&M)
Just think how boring this top would be on its own - the accessories transform it! Some skinny black trousers and heels just finished it off nicely.
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