Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Best Relationship Advice Ever!

Karl Pilkington:

‘Just go about your business and see if she joins in.’ 

Relationship success - easy relationshipWhat does this mean, you ask...

Well, first of all let's assume we can swap the 'he' for a 'she' if we so choose! It also has some truth to it. In fact, it's pretty sound advice for relationships. If you can just happily 'join in' then it must be easy. It must also be consistent with what you already want, and that's the key point.

Research shows that opposites do initially attract, BUT: research also shows that these relationships are much shorter-lived. Couples with similar life outlooks, morals and overall goals are the ones which are apparently more likely to last, and why would this be any different? It's common sense. We are far happier living and sharing our lives with people who want the same things as us in the bigger picture. Imagine how easy it is to grow apart from someone who wants to save up for a Ferrari when you desperately want to buy a house in the next year? And that's not even adding in different views about issues like drugs, whether you want children, and whether you will put family first or living in Australia...

If men really do see relationships this way, then we can assume they are lazy, BUT: We women are too aren't we? Yes, perhaps in different ways - it's pretty well established that we put a lot more thought into emotions, body language and what things mean, however we also want an easy life, just like men do. So yes, just 'joining in' sounds ideal to me :)

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